I want to have my house decorated, what do I need to do?
Go to our Contact Us page and either send us an email or call us requesting a free estimate. We will come out and go over our ideas with you and submit a proposal to you within a day or two.
How much does it cost to have my house professionally decorated?
The price will vary by difficulty and size, but typically our quotes start around $2,000 with a minimum quote of $1,500. We require a 50% deposit prior to any work being performed and the remaining balance paid before the lights are removed. We accept checks, credit cards or cash.
Do I need to buy any lights, cords etc?
No, we will provide everything you will need to create the display from the lights to the timers to turn the lights on and off.
I have my own lights and cords; can you just use the ones I have?
Our goal is to provide the highest quality possible to our clients, and the only way we can ensure that is by using all of our own material.
Do your quotes include buying or renting the materials from you?
All of our quotes will include setup and takedown, and all the necessary materials. We will provide all the lights and will use all of our own cords and timers for the display. When we remove the display, we will take everything else back with us, so you will be renting them for the season.
Do you use LED or Incandescent lights?
We use only Comercial Grade LED products on your house. At our free quote we will outline the advantages of LED vs Incandescent as well as the cost implications of each.
What are the benefits of LED lights?
LED lights are quickly becoming the preferred holiday lighting bulb. LED lights utilize considerably less energy thus being green and saving some “green”, based on our calculations LED lights will save you approximately 60-70% on your electric bill. Also, the LED lights are completely sealed, so wet weather is less likely to trip the GFI on your receptacles.
Will I have enough outlets/power for the display?
During our free estimate we will investigate what outlets you have and if we feel there will be a power problem, we can either design the display around what you have available, suggest using LED lights or recommend a licensed electrician to make sure there will be enough power.
When do you start setting up the lights and taking them down?
We work with the customer to get a date that works for both setup and takedown. We begin setting the lights up starting in October and continue til mid December. We start taking down some lights days after Christmas until late January depending on the customer’s preference.
There is snow on the ground/roof can you still set up my lights?
We are a weather dependent company, but will make every attempt to decorate your house as we had originally quoted. If there are unsafe working conditions we will reschedule the appointment if the conditions change.
Are you insured?
Yes, we have a liability policy and can provide proof of insurance if necessary.
What happens if there is a problem after you install the lights?
We will do whatever we can to ensure your display is working for the entire holiday season. If something does break, we try to repair it within 24-48hrs at no charge. Repairs because of weather, animals or acts of god may not be covered.
Why should I choose your company over the other companies out there?
There are many reasons why you should choose us for your decorating needs. We have specialized in Christmas Light installations for over 17 years and have hundreds of satisfied clients. Our program is set up to give our customers the most value for their money and allow them to enjoy the holidays with our “No Hassle Holiday Decorating”.
How do I rent just the lights from you to install myself?

You can visit Rent the Holidays at https://rent-the-holidays.com and order the same lights the professionals use and install them yourself.

No Hassle Holiday Decorating